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MuttShack Animal Rescue. New Orleans Triage Center for hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Disaster Preparedness, Volunteer Animal Disaster Training. "Create MuttShack foster homes for abandoned and abused animals. Rescue, rehabilitate, and nurture them back to health and find them new quality forever homes. Stop killings of about 9.6 million healthy animals yearly in overcrowded shelters by fostering, re-homing, spaying and neutering." Amanda St. John, Founder.

September 11, 2005

Katrina Animal Rescuers Turned Away By Armed Guards from Gonzales Shelter.


MuttShack Animal Rescue, a volunteer driven 501(c)3 non-profit is begging animal lovers to donate $50 for a crate to house a Katrina Animal.

"We have run out of time and space. Rescuers who spent the whole day rescuing 19 dogs were turned away at gunpoint." said Amanda St. John, Founder of Muttshack Animal Rescue.

The ascension Parish Sheriff stopped rescuers from entering the shelter. "Armed guards outside would not let us in!" said Pasado rescuers.

The Gonzales state-designated shelter, is now considered full by the local sheriff. The La-Mar Dixon Expo Center has housed animals in crates on the vast property.

The Parish Sheriff is holding Pasado Rescuers back with loaded guns, despite the fact rescuers have full vans, loaded with animals - the result of a 19-hour-day of rescue.

"We need to send more crates to house animals at the Gonzales La-Mar Dixon Expo Center. We have more qualified experienced volunteers on the way to Gonzales, including veterinarians, groomers, vet techs and trained animal rescuers to help take care of more animals but to house more animals, we need crates!"

They are also appealing for donations so that they can make the animals more comfortable with a big tent and air-conditioning!

Muttshack aims to get at least 500 crates delivered if they can get enough people to spread the word to sponsor a crate!

Donate a crate at
or by Paypal to , or by mailing a check. For the address send an e-mail to



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"What is happening to the animals that are turned away?"


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