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MuttShack Animal Rescue. New Orleans Triage Center for hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Disaster Preparedness, Volunteer Animal Disaster Training. "Create MuttShack foster homes for abandoned and abused animals. Rescue, rehabilitate, and nurture them back to health and find them new quality forever homes. Stop killings of about 9.6 million healthy animals yearly in overcrowded shelters by fostering, re-homing, spaying and neutering." Amanda St. John, Founder.

November 03, 2005

Roaming Animals in New Orleans

An update from the Muttshack Unit in New Orleans ...

More animal rescues continue. Trap cages are being set to pick up the roaming dogs in the streets of New Orleans after Katrina. The Muttshack camp at the Castle Lake School is currently sheltering about 40 dogs. There were 25 cats shipped out to volunteer fosters, leaving 65 cats left at the Muttshack N.O. compound to find fosters for.

Donations for animal rescue efforts are still needed so the Muttshackers can remain in New Orleans to continue their work there. It's a big job, and not many are doing it. Thanks for anything you can do.


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