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Wiggly Park Opens First Off-Leash Dog Park in Monroe, WA

July 19, 2008

Mayor of MonroeAmidst yelps and barks, Monroe opened the first off leash park for four footed furry friends who love to run without a leash.  And, for those owners who love to throw balls and Frisbees there is plenty of room. The three-acre dog playground opened Saturday after a flurry of activity from local and MuttShack volunteers to complete all in time for opening day.

Last Saturday 25 volunteers worked on construction of Wiggly Field from 9:00am to 3:00pm.   They had two fence construction crews, a painting crew, a crew repairing the agility equipment and another crew spreading wood chips.  

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The Mayor of Monroe Donnetta Walser with David Friedman of MuttShack at the MuttShack Booth.

"All of the help was tremendous as we made a lot of progress" said the organizers.   "The Monroe Rotary Club supplied cold drinks and pizza for the volunteers.   We had a lot of fun on a really warm day!"

Wiggly Field Dog ParkThe city of Monroe raised about $5,000 in donations from the community to prepare the site. Volunteers also pitched in, creating the off-leash area, the first such designated spot for dogs within city limits.

Fence and Water Stations are still needed

"We will continue to make improvements and plan events, with your support and others in our community" said Denise Jacobsen, administrative assistant for the city's parks and recreation department.

"Our parks and recreation staff will put up wire mesh along the wood fence within the next two weeks to contain wandering dogs.  Our next highest priority is to raise funds to purchase a drinking fountain and pipe for permanent water to Wiggly Field.  In the interim, please bring water for your dogs.  The fundraising goal for the dog drinking fountain and pipe materials is $2,000.  Please help us spread that word too." she added.

MuttShack Animal Rescue Volunteers helped prepare the ground for what became a gorgeous park.  Twenty-five volunteers worked on a recent Saturday, putting up fences, preparing the agility equipment and spreading wood chips.

The project didn't cost the city any money.  The city is still seeking additional donations to create a water fountain for dogs and to build a message board.


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Courageous Rescuers Rush to Save Goats on Farm
Seattle, WA

Rescue arrived in time for some, but too late for others

The owner was a rescuer who had taken on many animals and had collected a large number of unwanted goats, geese, ducks chickens and one Llama but it appears it all got out of hand when she herself became ill.


Wild! Cats from New Orleans have advocate in Woodinville woman

By Ranny Green
Seattle Times Desk Editor

When Mary Jarman Karr of Woodinville flew to New Orleans on Oct. 15 to help rescue displaced Hurricane Katrina pets, she had intended to return in a week.

Seven weeks later, Karr finally made the 3,300-mile journey home, with a truck full of unlikely passengers: 63 cats, including 35 that were feral.





Mary Karr and Rescued Kitty
MuttShack Animal Rescue
California: 15981 Yarnell St. #188, Sylmar CA 91342
Louisiana: 730 Orleans Ave, 2nd Floor, New Orleans, LA 70116